“Plan the sale when you plan the ad.”

Leo Burnett, Pioneer American advertising executive, 1891-1971

In the broadest sense, anything that promotes your business through some form of media can be considered advertising, whether it’s a radio spot, a brochure or a newspaper ad.

Before you advertise in any medium, think about what type of practice you have. Consider what type of patients you want to serve and what key benefits you can offer them. Advertising shouldn’t focus on features, but on the benefits and what you can do for the customer. Your patients always ask, “What’s in it for me?”.

Repetition is the golden rule of advertising. One-shot ads seldom work. In fact, research indicates that the average consumer ignores two out of three ads and requires nine exposures before readily remembering an ad. That means you have to run your ad several dozen times to make an impact. Advertising has a cumulative effect; it takes time to get results. When it does, make sure you have the inventory and staff to handle increased demand.

And don’t spread yourself too thin. Try one advertising medium at a time, and give it a chance to work. It’s better to be dominant in one medium than to have a minimal presence in many.

The U.S. Chamber’s Online Small Business Center contains links to local Newspapers, Television Stations, Radio Staions & More.

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The Killer Ads:

According to creator Robert J. Manna, DC, “I learned that chiropractors have been advertising terribly for years.” KILLER ADS was designed to get patients in your office and it works.

Recently, 120 of the top chiropractors in the country were asked their favorite practice growth strategy. Out of 160 known strategies, KILLER ADS was the number one answer .

How to get on Radio and TV :

How to get on Radio and TV (It’s easier than you think), by Tedd Koren, D.C.

Public fascination with the science of Chiropractic gives you entrée into the world of broaD.C.asting. Find out how to open doors (and microphones) and share the message of chiropractic with thousands. BroaD.C.ast is a great referral source, and it’s free!

Chirotoons, Ltd:

Chirotoons attract customers attention. They will design a special Chirotoon for you keeping your target patients in mind as well as using a little of your own personality. Chirotoons is a fun way to advertise your practice in any medium.

Block Marketing :

Tired of the same old Chiropractic advertising showing clinics, adjustments and rehearsed testimonials? This type of advertising does little to build your brand or give you a unique image in your market. Block Marketing is dedicated to developing results oriented, practice building advertising and marketing for the Chiropractic profession.