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Chambers of Commerce serve as an advocate for the community and business as well as a resource for consumers and businesses dedicated to serving both the needs of our members and the economic development needs of the broader community. The Chambers of Commerce work year round to strengthen community prosperity and livability.

Why is the Chamber so effective and important?

The Chamber of Commerce is the leading organization that brings all types of business together to act as a powerful single voice. It speaks for all business – from the smallest to the largest company, in every sector and in every corner of the world. The Chamber has solidified its position as the premier voice for the business community, to the public, to the media and to governments.

Recognized as an organization with political clout, the Chamber is an articulate and persuasive advocate for business viewpoints and a champion of fiscal responsibility.

When important federal legislation or regulation is being planned or debated, the Chamber can mobilize concerned business people across the country through its Legislative Action System.

A strong economy requires a healthy business climate, a productive workforce, adequate infrastructure, public and private sector collaboration and numerous other elements. The Chamber serves as an advocate and partner in helping communities throughout the developing world build their future.

As the worlds recognized, respected and trusted business institution, the Chamber of Commerce has come to play a major role in business and communal activity throughout the developing world. There are over 7,300 Chambers of Commerce located in States, Cities and Towns in the U.S. as well as 78 Countries across the globe. Each chamber operates independently with varying degrees of affiliation and membership in State, County and Country International Chambers of Commerce.

For over 100 years individual consumers & merchants have come to rely on the local Chambers of Commerce for reliable business information, representation, advocacy, promotion and support services.

Millions of searches are conducted daily by consumers and business owners looking for trustworthy products and services. Being a member of the Chamber of Commerce Online will give you the visibility and credibility you need to succeed.

In today’s expanding global marketplace it is necessary more than ever before, to gain recognition and credibility as a trustworthy organization. Recent advances in the Internet arena such as secure servers, certification, instant credit card verification and 24 hour customer support continue to build confidence in the Internet, and have helped turn the Internet into the bustling marketplace it is today.

Exposure, both within the business community and the public, is essential for any business to grow and prosper. Give your business the visibility and credibility it needs to succeed and prosper.