Research by the ACA, Business Information Systems (BIT) and Locus and other demographic services have determined that there are eight demographic factors that are of the greatest importance when choosing a favorable practice site.

  • Ideal chiropractic population per doctor of chiropractic ratio – Data is primarily sorted by the factor. 2,500 to 1 or better is the target ratio.
  • Median hosehold income – The median income indicates the midpoint income on a bell graph. $40K-$50K or more is the target income.
  • Ideal chiropractic population is that population between 25-54 years old, which surveys show to be the population which uses chiropractic most frequently.
  • Ideal chiropractic density per square mile:(this data available per counties only) Rural or small town: 1-35 persons Suburban: 35-600 persons City or urban: 600+ persons
  • Total number of chiropractors – The total number of doctors of chiropractic is more important than population. When making your final decision, be sure to include yourself when determining thhe DC/population ratio.
  • Total population – All persons, not only the ideal chiropractic population. Note that the difference between the total population and the ideal population give you an indication of the number of children and elderly, which are not as likely to be your patients.
  • Percentage of females – Over 55% is desirable
    Percentage of household ownership – People who own there own homes constitute a more stable element in any given community and are ecomincally reliable.


Locus, Chiropractic Location Specialists: |

Locus has the facts! With our demographic site selection data, Locus enables you to plan your work by clearly demonstrating your highest potential sites as a first step in identifying a truly successful chiropractic practice.

City Data: |

Free website that provides demographics for thousands of cities. Population, average house cost, average education, crime rate and much more. Try this site first! It was very helpfull when I was looking for the right city to move to.

US Census Bureau: |

State & County QuickFacts. Free, Quick, easy access to facts about people, business, and geography

ClaritasMarketing: |

Demographic data forms the hub of consumer marketing research. Marketers, planners, developers, and policy makers all require accurate demographic profiles of their markets, customers and constituents in order to make well-informed decisions.