Planet Chiropractic has been providing online chiropractic seminar and event services to the profession since 1997. Our online calendar system is used throughout the world and it provides an excellent resource for DCs to find and post information related to continuing education, technique seminars, practice management seminars, etc…

Chiropractic Acupuncture Seminars: |

The most comprehensive listing for Chiropractic Acupuncture seminars. Keep up-to-date with the changing laws regarding acupuncture licensure for chiropractors.

Parker Seminars: |

At Parker Seminars, you will… Increase Patient Volume, Inspire your office staff, Network with peers, Expand your practice, Build support systems, Learn from the leaders, Improve communication skills, Rediscover your philosophy, Settle insurance uncertainties, Redefine marketing strategies, Master your techniques, Supercharge your staff and practice.

Lakeside Chiropractic Seminars: |

Lakeside Chiropractic Seminars are professionally operated continuing education programs for chiropractic license renewal. Seminars are cosponsored by Logan College of Chiropractic. Our comprihensive site has course outlines, instructors bios, directions to the seminar and secure online registration.

Motion Palpation: |

MPI is a nonprofit organization established in 1981 to promote education and research within the chiropractic profession. This purpose is achieved through MPI’s cutting edge postgraduate educational seminars, and MPI Publishing which has published several textbooks and charts for chiropractic doctors and students.

CBP Technique: |

The latest information on CBP Technique and structural rehabilitation of the spine.

The Spine Research Institute of San Diego: |

The Spine Research Institute of San Diego is committed to providing research and education in the area of spinal health and injury prevention. We are especially concerned about cervical spine injuries that result from whiplash trauma. In addition to our own research, we constantly monitor and synthesize the world literature. We provide educational seminars, printed material in the form of books, educational multimedia presentations, software, videotapes, audiotapes, poster systems, and much more.

Therapeutics Program: |

Therapeutics Program. This course was designed by Dr. Guy to meet the needs of those doctors requiring physiotherapy training for licensure in certain states. In addition, Dr. Guy teaches courses in Low Back Case Management, Whiplash Case Management, Myofascial Trigger Point Release Technique, Cervical Rehabilitation, Risk Management, Practice Management, and Consulting Service. Students have described his unique style of teaching as being refreshing and extremely effective.

Chiropractic Gateway: |

Chiropractic Gateway, a free online information service, assists chiropractors, chiropractic assistants, and students to successfully prepare for and to deal with challenges of every day practice, and to tap into the wellness marketplace valued in the trillions of dollars. Chiropractic Gateway and many of our profession’s brightest minds are positioned to serve-up their most extraordinary ideas. Contributors include industry experts, leading companies and their representatives, national associations and organizations, and chiropractic colleges and institutions.

Dr. Nikitow, The Ultimate Certainty Seminar: |

Dr. Nikitow has practiced Chiropractic for over 24 years in one of the largest cash practices in the country. He is the founder of the original Cash Practice Seminar, The Ultimate Certainty Seminar and Certainty Practice Products. Dr. Nikitow is one of the most sought-after teachers in the Chiropractic world, teaching for not only Chiropractic colleges and associations but for the largest, most well-known practice management groups and seminars in the world. He has trained over 20,000 Chiropractors in the last 20 years with his unique communication system. Many of the largest practices in the world, practices experiencing 500 or more patient visits per week, use his proven communication strategies, posters, pamphlets and tapes to reposition the public’s perception of Chiropractic as an essential part of their health care, as opposed to merely back pain therapy.

Dr. Slosberg Validating Chiropractic: |

Increase your insight, knowledge and appreciation of the mechanisms and benefits of chiropractic care. It will help you understand and be able to document and clearly explain the current scientific evidence substantiating the effectiveness of chiropractic to your patients, attorneys, in narrative reports, depositions and court testimony.

Dr. Demartini: |

Founder of The Concourse of Wisdom and creator of The Quantum Collapse Process, Dr. Demartini’s understanding of the power of love is reshaping psychology as we know it. His revolutionary personal transformation methodologies help tens of thousands of individuals find greater order within their lives by enabling them to live with greater clarity, certainty and presence. Dr. Demartini’s books and programs, including The Breakthrough Experience, Count Your Blessings, You’re Never Given a Problem You Can’t Solve, Building Wealth F.A.S.T., Purpose – Life’s Driving Force and The Principles and Methods of Self-Actualization continue to inspire thousands more. |

This site caters to those who want to learn more about alternative health care for animals. The chiropractic adjustment is the single most effective treatment for neuro-musculo-skeletal disorders, period. My seminars teach you how to find misalignments, areas of pain, and how to perform the techniques.