Platinum System: |

Platinum System is the fastest growing chiropractic software in the world, with systems in over 1000 offices in 9 different countries. Platinum System will help your clinic reach levels of efficiency and profitability like you could never imagine! Platinum System will also contribute in providing the best quality service of chiropractic care that your patients deserve. This is the last system you will ever have.

Quixote Software: |

Finally, a system that makes the complexity of managing a practice….simple! No more late night S.O.A.P. notes or week-old claims submission. You and your staff can leave minutes after the last patient, with the comfort of knowing all work, including billing, has been completed for that day. Start each new day refreshed and ready to help patients.

ChiroPulse: |

ChiroPulse… the Beat of the Future! Specializing in Chiropractic clerical and clinical practice managment medical software, as well as computer hardware / practice solutions

Chiropad: |

ChiroOffice is the premier product for the management of health care offices. Chiropad was created for documentation and SOAP notes, and revolutionized the way doctors accurately, thoroughly and rapidly recorded their findings while examining and/or treating a patient. This resulted in saving the doctor time and energy that could be better spent with the patient. It also made the office staff more efficient, reducing or eliminating filing time and other mundane activities that are not needed in a paperless office.

Software Motif: |

Our chiropractic software Pocket PC and desktop solutions include the EMR Datacenter for office management, MyEMR™ for the Pocket PC and MyEMR™ for Windows desktop and laptop computers. Together, we refer to this software collection as our EMR Suite.

Auto-DOC: |

Chiropractic software specializing in medical paperwork reduction.

Chiropractic Practice Management Software

Stellar Software: |

Stellar Software is a company dedicated to providing solutions for the chiropractic profession. We have spent many years developing and perfecting our functional and easy to use office management software. Our mission is to provide you, the chiropractor, with a simple solution for the management of your practice.

E-Z BIS, Inc.: |

E-Z BIS, Inc. is a leading supplier of chiropractic practice management software. We have been producing comprehensive, easy-to-use chiropractic software since 1980, which gives us experience beyond any other chiropractic software company. E-Z BIS specializes in chiropractic-specific software for patient accounting, insurance and patient billing, appointment scheduling, automated SOAP notes and practice management.

Chiropractic Software by AltaPoint: |

With AltaPoint Chiropractice Software for Practice Management, you get the flexibility and breathing room you need to expand, all the while maintaining a tight hold on your practice management. Electronic practice management allows you to maintain a more organized workflow within your office environment.

NDCMedisoft: |

NDCHealth’s industry leading practice management systems helps over 100,000 medical practices and over 140,000 physicians run their businesses more efficiently.

AccountMaster: |

AccountMaster Chiropractic is one of the few practice management programs designed to run on Macintosh as well as Windows operating systems. For ease of use, procedures can be entered by either CPT code or procedure bias.

Versatile Software Systems, Inc.: |

Designed specifically for chiropractors as the name implies, FCO offers a leasing option for practices not ready to commit to the full purchase price of a software package.

InPhase Technologies Group: |

InPhase Technologies Group develops computer systems that solve many of today’s chiropractic challenges, taking practice management software to a new level. Easy to learn and easy to use, InPhase software focuses on catching those things that fall through the cracks created by hectic offices and/or staff turnover: patients, money, paperwork, deductibles, etc.